To set up or provision your Zoiper Classic softphone with Vonage Business Solutions’ service, follow the steps below.

Please Note:

  • Zoiper is a third party application therefore any maintenance needed will be the sole responsibility of the supplier. Our Support Technicians can configure the tool which has been proven to work with our VoIP service. Vonage Business Solutions is not responsible for any software issues, updates, or conflicts with other software that will disrupt the softphones ability to work properly.
  • The Zoiper Classic softphone has an instant messaging, fax, and video conferencing features built into the phone but these features are not supported by Vonage. If used, these features can cause undesirable effects on your phone service.
The instructions below are based on the Zoiper Classic Windows Version: 2.39

 Phone Setup

    1. Acquire the following information by logging into
      • Extension Number
      • Registrar
      • SIP/Authorization ID
      • SIP Password

      For more information on how to gather the information above please visit the Extension Device Configuration article.

    2. Open the Zoiper softphone and select Options
    3. Select Add new SIP account
    4. Name the new SIP account for example Vonage (formerly Vocalocity)
    5. Click OK
    6. Check the box Show advanced options
    7. In SIP account options input the following:
      • Input the “Registrar as the Domain
      • Input the “SIP/Authorization ID as the Username
      • Input SIP Password” as the Password
      • Input your “Extension Number” as the Caller ID Name

    8. In the Advanced account options box input the following:
      • Input the SIP/Authorization ID as the “Auth. username”
      • Set the Registration Expiry to 180
      • Check the Use rport box
      • Check the Use rport media box
      • Check the Force RFC-3264 box
    9. In the drop down to the right select Don’t use Stun from the dropdown
    10. Select the Subscribe for MWI drop down and choose disabled
    11. In the left navigation click on Stun Options and Uncheck the Enable STUN box
    12. In the left navigation click on Audio Codecs and ensure that only u-law is in the Selected codecs box. Highlight undesireable codecs and click the left arrow key to remove.
    13. Click OK
    14. Phone should now be registered to your Vonage extension.


If the phone does not register, please check that the SIP password is correct.