The Web Launcher Plugin for Desktop allows you to integrate your extension’s calls with your favorite web sites through a unique URL setup. When a call is made or received, Desktop appends the call information (based on your setup) to the URL and triggers your default browser to open the site.

Below please find more information about the plugin including how to install the plugin, how to use the plugin, and a video demonstration.

The plugin is FREE.

This allows you to integrate with many CRMs and other services such as eAgent, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter and more!

Customers have reported great success in the Web Launcher Plugin with the following programs:

  • JobScience (SFDC Based)
  • eAgent
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Sugar CRM
  • Netsuite

For more information on Desktop, please click here.


How do I get the Web Launcher Plugin?
1. To add the Web Launcher plugin to your account, log into your Desktop. Click the “Plugins” puzzle piece in the upper, right-hand corner of the app.

2. Scroll down the page until you see the “Web Launcher” icon. Click “Install.”


How do I configure the Web Launcher Plugin?
1. Click “Edit Settings” to configure the plugin.
2. Check the box “Default Plugin” to select this plugin to present in the screen pop in the maximized state.

3. Enter a name for the URL you wish to configure.
4. Insert the URL for the web site you would like to configure.

a) For Google+ enter
b) For Twitter enter
c) For NetSuite enter
d) For Facebook enter
e) For Salesforce:

1. Log into your Salesforce instance in your web browser
2. Search for “Searchhere”
3. Copy the URL in the address bar to the point until it says “searchhere”, it should look similar to this
4. Paste the URL you just copied into the URL box inside Weblauncher.
5. Continue to step 5 below.

f) For eAgent, please visit our eAgent article .

5. If a variable  like %%phone_number%%is not already included in your link you will now need to choose a variable for which you would like the desktop and website to search for. The Web Launcher can search for “Phone Number”, “Caller ID” “Date and Time” “Call Direction” or “Recording ID”. Once selected click Insert next to the drop down.
6. Click “Add”. Your URL should now appear in the Edit Settings page.

Other Settings
Embedded: If you would like the Web Launcher to pop in a browser tab instead of the Desktop app, uncheck the box in the “Embedded” column.

Launch URLS:  At the bottom of the settings page, choose to “Launch URL’s” when the call is ringing or when the call is answered.

Activate for Inbound/Outbound:  Choose to have the screen pop on outbound calls, inbound calls or both.


How do I use the Web Launcher Plugin?
After configuring your Web Launcher plugin with the URLs you prefer the plugin will pop with any incoming or outgoing calls based on your settings.

1. If Web Launcher is not your default plugin, click on the maximize button to review your call details.

2. If you have multiple web apps configured, you will see tabs for each web site.  Click each tab to view search results.
Please note: You may need to log into the sites if this is your first time logging in for the day.

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