The SugarCRM Plugin for Desktop allows you to connect your extension’s calls to your SugarCRM account. Link your inbound or outbound calls to contacts or accounts, make notes, view contact history, or create new accounts or contacts.

Below please find more information about the plugin including how to install the plugin, how to use the plugin, and a video demonstration.

The SugarCRM Plugin is $2.99 per month per extensions.

 How do I get the SugarCRM Plugin?
1. To add the SugarCRM Plugin to your account, you will first need to contact Vocalocity’s Customer Care Team at 866.901.0242. Ask the representative to add SugarCRM to your account and specify for which extensions you would like to add the SugarCRM Plugin.

How do I configure the SugarCRM Plugin?
1. Once the plugin has been added to your account, open your Desktop application and click the “Plugins” puzzle piece in the upper, right-hand corner.

2. On the Plugin page, scroll down until you see the SugarCRM Plugin. Click the “Install” button.

3. Once the plugin has installed, check the box “Default Plugin” to select this plugin to present in the screen pop in the maximized state.
4. Click the “Edit Settings” button to configure the plugin to your SugarCRM account.

5. From this page, enter your site URL for your particular instance of SugarCRM.
6. Next, insert your individual SugarCRM user name and password.
7. Now you can configure the plugin to “Auto-update and save notes on call disconnect”, “Activate on Outgoing Calls”, and “Activate on Incoming Calls.”
8. Once you have configured the plugin, click “Apply.”

How do I use my SugarCRM Plugin?
1. Once you have installed the SugarCRM Plugin, any inbound or outbound calls you receive (depending on your configuration) will populate the Desktop application with the caller’s information. If the plugin is not set as your default plugin, click the “Maximize” button to review call details.

2. If the caller is a saved contact, the SugarCRM Plugin will display the contact’s information such as name, associated account name, the contact’s title, and any saved phone numbers or email addresses. You can also add notes or view the contact’s history.

3. If the caller ID phone number is not assigned to a contact or account in Sugar, search your SugarCRM account and assign the number to an existing contact or account record. Alternatively, you can click the “Create New Contact” or “Create New Account” link to launch your SugarCRM account in a web browser and add a new account or contact.

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