How do I know how much bandwidth I need? How can I test how much bandwidth I already have?


Bandwidth will affect your sound quality if there is not enough available.  The most common cause is that bandwidth is being consumed by the computers at the location, or there are too many concurrent phone calls for the amount of bandwidth you have.

Please read below for more information on how to determine if you have enough bandwidth for your needs.

Please Note: If you do not have enough bandwidth, a Vocalocity technician will be happy to review some alternatives that may be an option for your company.

General Notes
Your Broadband internet connection will generally have more download speed than upload speed.
Remember that computers and other internet devices will lower your available bandwidth.
If you are using near the full capacity of your connection, traffic will bottle neck and result in a delay in traffic arriving on time.  This delay, known as latency, will directly affect call quality.
A good rule is to plan to use only 85% of your connection’s advertised ability.

Test Your Connection:
Below are a few links where you can test your bandwidth. The result will give you two numbers: upstream and downstream. Divide the lowest of the 2 numbers by 85. This is because each phone call will consume 85 kilobits (kbps) of upload AND download bandwidth or speed. Therefore, this number is the number of consistent calls your connection can support.