Please Note: This is an alternative to the “7-Digit Dialing” option available on each account and extension. It is often easier to set this option up via the online user interface.

  1. To start, please copy the code below into a text editor. Then change the $$$ to the area code you want to auto interject:x+#|xx+*|[2-9]xxxxxx,$$$
  2. Press the “Menu” ley on the phone.
  3. Choose “Phone Status” and hit “Select.”
  4. Choose “IP&MAC Address” and hit “Select.”
  5. Copy down the “IP Address” of your phone.
  6. Open a web browser and input the current IP into the address bar (Example:
    • Login: admin
    • Password: your Vocalocity account number
  7. Click the “Preferences” link on the web page.
  8. Remove everything from the “Local Dial Plan” field.
  9. Paste in your custom dialing plan from above.
  10. Click “Save Settings”.
  11. Click “Reset” on the website.
  12. Choose “Restart Phone.”

Please Note: dial outside of your area, please put a 1 infront of the 10 digit number.